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Mathematics Year 2

Mathematics resources

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Problem solving materials
Some of the Mathematical Challenges for Able Pupils and Problem Solving materials have been adapted for use on an interactive whiteboard.

The problem solving activity provided here is:
Number 13 Mathematical challenges - Line of symmetry

There are many more problem solving materials on the website, including electronic support materials for all of the Problem Solving lessons published in May 2004.

Unit Plans
Some of the unit plans for the Summer term have been annotated to incorporate the use of the interactive whiteboard. Within the folder for each unit you will find the necessary files – e.g. the planning word document, interactive whiteboard files, Excel files and ITPs. ICT has not necessarily been included throughout every part of the lesson, but where it will make the most difference to children’s learning.

Each page of the unit plan is annotated with red call-out boxes to indicate where the use of the interactive whiteboard could enhance the teaching and learning.

Use the questions to assess the children’s understanding as you go through the lesson – you might want to use other images, models and resources to support children’s understanding at various points in the lessons.

Unit 8 - Counting, properties of numbers and number sequences Reasoning about numbers or shapes
Unit 9 - Ordering, addition and subtraction and ‘real life’ problems


Problem solving materials
promethean iconLine of symmetry
notebook iconLine of symmetry
starboard downloadLine of symmetry
excel iconNumber lines

Unit Plans
zip iconUnit 8 notebook version
zip iconUnit 9 notebook version
zip iconUnit 9 starboard version

blue line