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Spring package of resources for Year 5 and Year 6 teachers
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Sc3 Materials and their properties

Literacy resources

bulletSc1 Scientific enquiry
bulletSc2 Life processes and living things
bulletSc3 Materials and their properties
bulletSc4 Physical processes

Notebook iconChanges

To be able to describe permanent and non-permanent changes using the correct terminology and to be able to describe the water cycle in terms of such changes.

Suggestions for use
Each of the first eight pages shows a change taking place. Discuss each one in turn and describe the changes. For example:

“When the solder is held against the hot pipe it melts. As it cools down it solidifies.”

“The salt dissolves in the water. As the water evaporates the salt recrystallizes.”

On the final page move the objects to construct a schematic diagram of the water cycle. Make reference to the fact that as sea water evaporated its salt is left behind.

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