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Spring package of resources for Year 5 and Year 6 teachers
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Annotated planning exemplification for the Spring term

Literacy resources

bulletAnnotated planning exemplification for the Spring term
bulletNon-fiction text types
bulletReading comprehension materials
bulletMaterials to support teaching and learning of key target statements for reading and writing

The planning exemplification for the Narrative reading unit has been annotated to incorporate the use of the interactive whiteboard. The unit below links to a word document with an IWB version of the original planning. Within the folder for the unit you will find the necessary files – eg interactive whiteboard files, images and PowerPoint files.

Giant’s necklace – Narrative Reading

Each page of the planning has been amended to indicate where the use of the interactive whiteboard could enhance the teaching and learning and refers to the relevant page in the IWB file.


Narrative reading unit
zip iconPromethean version
zip iconNotebook version
zip iconEasiteach version

Narrative writing unit
zip icon
Promethean version
zip iconNotebook version

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