SMART Notebook 8.1Activity OutlineMaise and the Maze - Year Two Problem SolvingObjectives:Solve mathematical problems or puzzles, recognise simple patterns and relationships, generalise andpredict. Suggest Extensions by asking 'What if..?' or 'What could I try next?'Have a system for finding the possibilities, e.g. start with the smallest numberOrganise the recording of possibilities, e.g. in an ordered list or table OutcomeBy the end of the lesson the children will be able to begin to use a systematic way to solve a problem involving finding all possibilites. They will be able to create a clear list of possibilities. ActivityDraw a maze on playground floor and take children outside to experience the different ways through. Come back inside to record results on SMART Notebook.Children should be checking that she always went forward and that there are a number of routes.Q) How many differen routes are there? Can we count them?Q) Can we record the routes in a different way? demonstrate recording LRLR as you draw it on the maze.Q) What do you notice about the routes we have collected? there are always two lefts and 2 rights.Q) Where could we start so that we work systematically?Q) How many routes are there if we start by going left and how many of we start by going right? plenaryQ) How many routes would there be if she always had to change direction and could not go left, left or right, right? - encourage the children to look at their lists. Not whether the children use their recording.Discuss the important pointsa) recording systematically, b) checking we have not repeated any answers c) checking we have not missed any answersThis activity was taken from PNS Problem Solving - A CPD Pack to support the learning and teaching of mathematical problem solving Date of issue: 05-2004Ref: Dfes 0247-2004 GInstructionsSlide ThreeUsing the SMART Board Pens draw a route through the maze.Select the maze and drawn route and group.Drag onto Slide 5 ready to compare the different routes lateron in the session. To try out a different theory drag in a new maze from slide 4The ProblemMaisie and the MazeMaisie explored the maze.She always went forward.How many different ways are there for Maisie to go from the start to the way out?The MazeinoutAdditional Mazes to text different routes.inoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinoutfinding all possibilites