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ICT across the curriculum: Science Promethean files

Teacher making electric circuits

This section provides guidance on how ICT can be used effectively to support interactive whole class teaching during Science lessons.

ICT can give access to information and ways to measure and analyse variables, it gives children further scope in their investigations and supports the collation of data. ICT enables the teacher to increase the pace of the lesson when appropriate and can help redress the balance in making resources and planning for teaching. ICT allows children to access and interpret up to date information and to present in a range of formats.

It is important to note however that ICT should only be used when it contributes to the interactive teaching of Science. The use of ICT is not appropriate for all Science teaching – investigations, scientific enquiry outside the classroom, collecting and recording evidence and many other established ways of teaching remain of vital importance. ICT can provide a medium through which children can present, review and evaluate the investigations and enquiry which have taken place.

Smartbook notebook versionsSmartboard Notebook version of these files
Sam Linton from Southwark has converted these files to Smartboard Notebook.
You can access them from the Science page of the Submitted resources area

Note: The Promethean files, which you can download here, have a 'rub-out' feature. The PowerPoint files have been created from Promethean so that non-Promethean users can see how they are put together. The 'rub-out' feature does not work with PowerPoint files. We are currently converting these files for other whiteboard users.

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PowerPoint files
Promethean files
Starboard files

Promethean iconInvestigation sheet
Promethean icon3A Teeth and eating
Promethean icon3B Helping plants grow well
Promethean icon3C Characteristics of materials
Promethean icon3E Magnets and springs
Promethean icon3F Light and shadows
Promethean icon4A Moving and growing
Promethean icon4B Habitats
Promethean icon4C Keeping warm
Promethean icon4D Solids, liquids and how they can be separated
Promethean icon4E Friction
Promethean icon4F Circuits and conductors
Promethean icon5A Keeping healthy
Promethean icon5C Gases around us
Promethean icon5D Changing state
Promethean icon5E Earth, sun and moon
Promethean icon5F Changing sounds
Promethean icon6A Interdependence and adaptation
Promethean icon6B Micro-organisms
Promethean icon6C More about dissolving
Promethean icon6D Reversible and irreversible changes
Promethean icon6E Forces in action
Promethean icon6F How we see things
Promethean icon6G Changing circuits

These resources were produced by Herefordshire LEA.

NOTE: The 'rub-out' feature only works with Promethean versions.

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